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    Dear colleagues,

    1. Where should mixing (of qual and quan)  occur in exploratory sequential design? in interpretation, data collection, etc., …..? 

    Kind regards,



    I think the more appropriate question is: *given your research interest*, where should mixing of methods occur? In principal, you can have many different forms of exploratory mixed-methods designs and where mixing occurs depends on what you want to find out and in what way. If you are interested in the opportunities of mixed-method designs, you might check
    Leech, Nancy and Anthony Onwuegbuzie (2009): A Typology of Mixed Methods Research Designs. Quality & Quantity 43 (2): 265-275.
    or one of the textbooks on mixed methods by Creswell.

    Elias Ortega-Aponte

    This is an interesting question. My practice has been that incorporate Mixed-Methods throughout the research design. Form a pedagogical standpoint, I encourage my community of learners to wrestle with implications of using approaches. Since I teach in a small department that encourage transdisciplinarity, it is unlikely that those in my classroom have a robust background in soc.scientific methodology/research design-often coming from history, religious studies, ethics, biblical studies. I have found so far, that incorporating mixed-methods at every stage in the learner’s progress has been helpful in facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of methods. My to go texts have been Hesse-Biber’s “Mixed-Methods,” and Vogt, et.al “When to Use What Research Design.” 


    many thanks dear colleagues

    Paul Kiff

    There is no “should”


    You should always expect to use an appropriate variety of methods of data collection, according to the types of data needed


    paul kiff

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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