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    Hello fellow researchers,


    I share with you a recently published article on the application of mixed methods in the study of abortion in developing countries:


    Edmeades et al. 2010. “Methodological Innovation in Studying Abortion in Developing Countries: A “Narrative” Quantitative Survey in Madhya Pradesh, India.” Journal of Mixed Methods Research. 4(3):1-22. (forthcoming: published OnlineFirst)



    I hope many of you will have access to this as it is a Sage-published journal.


    It blends quantitative and qualitative methods in a single instrument, rather than in the traditional qualitative, quantitative, qualitative sequence.  Substantive findings have been/are being published elsewhere.  I would be very interested in your reactions to the methodology, particularly with regards to what other applications & adaptations this method may have.  I would also be interested in hearing from others who are doing mixed methods research in the areas of reproductive health and related issues.



    Kerry MacQuarrie

    UW Sociology

    John W. Creswell

    Of course I am biased, but as one of the founding editors of the J of Mixed Methods Research, I would highly recommend this journal as an outlet for your empirical and methodological mixed methods articles. Because of the interest in mixed methods, the journal took off in its first two years and became “acting” like a mature journal. In fact, personnel at SAGE told me that it was the most prolific launch of any journal at SAGE (and they have over 400 journals) in the last ten years. Then the journal became eligible for an ISI rating within 2 years – an unheard of record for the short time to obtain eligibility for such a rating. It has recently been listed in the psychological abstracts data base. All of this has occurred within four volumes (4 years) of being issued. It is under the capable hand of Donna Mertens of the US and Max Bergman of Switzerland now and continues on…. Thanks. John Creswell


    Dr. Creswell, congratulations on the journal’s success. Indeed, we had a very positive experience publishing with the journal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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