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    Alexandra Cuncev

    Hi Mithu, Sarah, Dan and Berkay,

    Thank you for your message, Mithu. I also have enjoyed the call.
    Just a quick note to say the best date for me for the next meeting would be March the 20th, Friday. Really sorry to be difficult, but I am not able to make the 19th or the 23rd. I can be flexible for other dates if other people can’t make the 20th…

    All the best to you all!


    Hi all

    Some notes from various discussions on friday
    Site feedback with Alex and Sarah (Dan and Berkay once you’ve had more time please do feel free to add comments too!)
    Homepage still too busy: Look at 2 col instead of 3 – a quick note that we are looking at the site design but it’s unfortunately not a quick fix. Watch this space. I have tidied the page up though, moved content up so that it is more prominent, and removed Events as discussed.
    Blogs: searching for a particular area? I need to figure out if there’s a way of ordering the blogs into topics, and will keep you up to date on this
    Other site design: John is going to look at rearranging where My page/the account details are on the page, as well as
    Blog/forum: I had a long chat with John about this. Unfortunately we’re not able to remove the blog function altogether, so individuals would still have blog posts on their own page, but I can remove the tab. However I’d suggest we keep the blog and the forum for now, as I think once we start getting more meaty blog posts it will be obvious that the blog is for posting an opinion, and the forum is for asking questions.
    Surgery: I’m going to look at other sites to see if there’s a better name.
    Courses/training/funding: I’ve added these as new streams in the forum. If you have anything relating to these, do put them in there to start populating them!
    Methodspace logo: attached!
    From our global call:
    – I have attached the staff guidelines explaining good/bad posting practice. As I said this is mainly aimed at SAGE staff rather than you four, since you are genuinely researchers, but some of the points may help to clarify how best to approach certain activities, e.g. branching out into new fields etc.
    – Setting up controversies: As you have already started on this within this group, I’ll leave you to decide the first handful of topics that you want to commission. It would be great to have a status update on who you’ve contacted or plan to contact in the next couple of weeks!
    – Other interesting content: I’ll be on the look out, but as you’ve already been doing, feel free to add anything that you feel will be of interest/relevance to the community
    – Blog/forum: Just a note to try and keep comment to the blog posts, and questions to the forum. I don’t think Surgery is clear right now, so I’ll be doing some research to see how we can make that one more obvious. I think what I actually need to do is move some of the query threads under methodspace to surgery if it’s possible.
    – Next call: If you can all confirm your availability asap that would be great: as Alex has suggested above, 20th is her preference. We can look at other dates later on if none of these work for you all.

    Many thanks as ever


    Berkay Ozcan

    Thanks Mithu and Alex, I also enjoyed our talk and March 20 is good for me.

    All the best


    Dan. Sarah, is the 20th good for you both too? I’ll finalize and send an email reminder to you all if yes



    Hi All,

    Yep, the 20th is good for me too!


    Daniel Lord

    The 20th works for me as well. I enjoyed talking with all of you as well. Thanks for posting the meeting notes, Dan


    Hi all

    just a reminder for Friday’s meeting: I’ll send out an agenda and other relevant information shortly.


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