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    I just realized i send an email message to all of the group members with my question. I am sorry, I meant for it to be posted on the discussion forum :s. Anyway, here it is. Again, thank you for your inputs.

    Dear fellow spss users,

    I am conducting a multilevel analysis using spss and I get a result that I am unable to explain theoretically and that I don’t really know whether rends the analysis undoable. 
    The thing is: with my first, intercept only model (random intercept), the intercept is significant (p=.000). However, when I add (fixed) predictors (even if just 1), the intercept becomes non significant. The predictors are both significant and the model improves (considering the -2LL).

    Can anyone help me understand what this means and if I can use the results of this analysis?

    Thank you so much in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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