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    Sinfree Gono

    In A pickle with SPSS: Any Help!!!!. The question is as follows:

    1. Does your company have any working relationship with large companies? If so state the area and level of co-operation.

    Area of Operation


    (once a year)

    Rarely ( a few times a year)

    Usually (monthly basis)

    Frequently (once a month)

    Always (regularly)

    Trading partner

    Supplier for the large company

    Purchase products from large company

    Supply chain (knowledge sharing)

    Training and development

    Other (please state)……………………                          

    How best can you analyse this question? I have analysed each variable individually but i need to use multiple response analysis but i think i am not getting it right. Any thoughts inc other ways of analysing such question. Research is on impact of ICT use in SMEs.

    Katie Metzler
    Participant – Sorry for the slow reply. Try posting SPSS questions in this group – you may have more luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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