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    What it the best way to deal with multivariate regression using SPSS? Any hints to help grasp the basics with regression and ANOVA? Any online help link?
    I am preparing a test and an interview for a research job in an INGO and the employer has clearly emphasized these skills.
    Thank you in advance,
    Jean Providence


    Depends on your explanatory variables (independent variables)

    1)ANOVA will deal with nominal and dummy variables (think “buckets”, like Catholic, Protestant, etc.)
    2) More than 2 interval or ratio level variables (e.g. years of education) will use a standard multiple regression


    Thank you Andrew.
    Is there any online link that gives details about ANOVA and regression?
    Thank you once again,
    Jean Providence

    Katie Metzler

    Try this from Dr. Andy Field, master of SPSS! Available on the web…


    Thank you Katie,
    I have just downloaded the pdf and it looks interesting. I am going to read it.
    Jean Providence


    I am doing a project on the ANOVAS. It is confusing to me. I need a simplified answer or matrix to compare them. I also do not understand when to add steps on SPSS for each ANOVA. How does this progression work?



    Dear all,
    Thank you for your assistance, I have got the job and am glad and lucky to have helpful and knowledgeable researchers. The tips you gave me helped a lot. I am so grateful.
    Keep in touch,
    Best wishes

    Berkay Ozcan

    Hi Cassandra

    Check this link! There are online tutorials for SPSS.

    PS: Congrats Jean for the job!



    I wish you every success in your new job. I hope you have found some good advice and sources on ANOVA and regression. My opinion is that the real problem is not with how to use SPSS (it is an easy package to use), but instead the logic and rationale for the conceptual models that you work with. Actually, the modern view is that ANOVA and regression are the same thing (they are both linear models). I discuss this more in my book on Management Research (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson, 2008).

    Your initial posting though hinted at something else. Multivariate regression is the term used for more than one dependent variable, and this is not hard to do in SPSS but is much more tricky to interpret because of the correlations among the dependent variables. Is that what you were meaning?

    Professor Paul Jackson
    Manchester Business School

    Gary Briers

    You write that “multivariate regression … is not hard to do in SPSS.”

    Could you provide just a SHORT synopsis of the SPSS/PASW “analyze” procedures that one would use to do this? Let’s assume that we have the following
    DV1 — intervally scaled dependent variable
    DV2 — ”
    DV3– ”

    IV1 — intervally scaled independent variable
    IV2 — intervally-scaled independent variable
    IV3 — nominally-scaled IV with 3 categories


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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