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    I am Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj, I am lecturing Journalism and Media in Monash University
    I started this group four months before.Research Interest
    As a socially committed and responsible academic in the disciple of
    Mass Communication/ Media / Journalism my research interest are in the following area
    1) Information Technology and Development Communications
    2) Nationalism, Identity and Mass Media
    3) Public Communication Campaigns and Audience Studies
    4) Mass Media in Developing Countries and Cultural Transition
    5) Media Ethics and Global Journalism / Communication Paradigms
    6) New Media Effects & Impact study
    7) Public sphere formation and political participation of the news media
    My research aim and goal is to provide the community with a better state of communicative rationality and free flow of information. The communicative rationality, free flow information, minimal digital divide, freedom to communicate and express will help this world to form a public sphere through civil societies.
    Under my supervisory team there are few vacancies available for PHD research. Monash University will provide full scholarship.
    For more details kindly email me
    I wish to associate and collaborate with the members of the group in academic activites including research journal publications, book chapter writing, conference paper presentations and collaborations in research projects.
    Thanking you for joining the group
    Dr. Sony

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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