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    Alexandra Cuncev

    I am Alex and currently I am a social researcher, involved mainly with qualitative methods at Surrey University. However, I have been through several identity changes in the last few years. I graduated with two BA degrees, in Law and Cultural Studies, what seems like ages ago… At the time, I was in Romania. I then did a masters (in Britain) in Contemporary European Studies and had to adapt to a different cultural context and teaching methods… I went on to working with the homeless, still in the UK, to then doing a PhD on homelessness, so yet again switching to academic writing styles and norms… but this time, from a sociological perspective… Studying social research methods seemed like quite a change from what I was doing before… However now I find I understand and value better the research method of my choice – narrative research – as I apply more than one filter and have myself more than one story to tell…

    I would be interested in what other experiences other people have had…


    Greetings Alexandra

    Hi I’m Kim – Mr named after the book of the same name. I am a social work teacher – researcher = scholar practitioner with Te Wananga o Aotearoa. Being a social work researcher in this institution as a Pakeha – white settler descendant is boundary crossing to the max. Particularly as this year I am teaching in particularly significant cultural space know as a marae. So I am settler descendant white teaching social work to indigenous (Maori) students in a Maori cultural space whilst researching a specifically Maori programme as inter-cultural response to the legacies of colonisation.

    Hence my interest in this discussion group. Alex does anyone discuss anything here because every time I check back nothing has changed?????

    Anyway Hi from New Zealand


    Dear Alexandra, I have seen your testimony and found it fulfilling. I am a knowledge nomad and a crowd teacher. Story telling and narratives fascinated me from my child hood. I have posted some of them in , especially relating to zen stories. You can also visit to have some more ideas. I am not promoting that site, it is a source of stories and narratives. With regards,kp

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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