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    Hello Everyone!  I am a Nurse Educator assigned to follow-up sophomore nursing students in their Community Health Nursing exposure. Three groups of 10 students/group were under my supervision (3 weeks each).  I required them to write their journal because I would like to evaluate their experiences as to specific learning, procedures performed or that they would like to perform but had no opportunity, suggestions to improve the learning experience exposure, and whatever they would like to add.  I informed them beforehand that it won’t be graded, that I will use it as an evaluation tool and that their identities will be kept in confidence.  Now that the semester is over, I would like to write on the results.   I read from Methodspace that Narrative Research is another method.  How would I move on with what I have started?  What is the best way to present it? 


    Your comments, suggestions and help is most appreciated.  Thank you very much.

    Karen Argus

    Webster and Mertova have written a book on Narrative Inquiry using critical event analysis which might be helpful.

    Webster, L. and Mertova, P. 2007. Using Narrative Inquiry as a Research Method: an introduction to using critical event narrative analysis in research on learning and teaching. London: UK: Routledge.


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    Andrew Jacks

    I informed them beforehand that it received be graded, that I’m able to use it as an assessment device and that their identities could be stored in self-assurance. Now that the semester is over, I would like to jot down on the results.

    niki johnson

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    Linda S. Davis

    Hello. I agree with you. Narrative research is a rather interesting method that is very relevant to the problems of “real” life. For example, when writing a narrative essay outline, this method will also be useful.
    It will cover the study of the student’s experience, the history of his life and the significance of the experience described in the essay.


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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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