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    Could help me find step by step approach to the use of grounded theory in research?
    Thank you.

    Katy Gregg

    As many qual researchers may tell you, the “step by step” is different from each set of data depending on your goals and where the data leads you. With that said, Charmaz’s grounded theory text has been very helpful in thinking about my data analysis but also provides insight into setting up a grounded theory project.
    Good luck!
    Katy Gregg


    It basically depends on which Gt approach you choose for your research. Actually, there are several guides on Glaser’s Gt, or Strauss’, Schatzman’s or Clarke’s propsitions of Grounded Theory. If your choice is a construtivist Gt, I do recommend the Clarke´s book.
    bon travail!

    Helen Scott

    Nortey is this any good as an introduction? – scroll down for the steps for a Glaserian Grounded Theory.

    Its a very new site which we launched on Friday so critical feedback and suggestions for content are very welcome.



    i need some one help to guide me on the process of GT (glasser approach), i read the research articles on GT but the problem is, how to take strt on it?? any-one have written form which whole GT process is explained step by step?? plz provide me.


    Dr. Barry Chametzky

    Have you read Glaser’s books?  The three we suggest are Doing GT, Discovery, and Theoretical Sensitivity.  Classic GT is “started” with a Grand Tour question.  The problem is that there really isn’t a step-by-step process for CGT as it is cyclical.  There are, however, some GT researchers who have tried to present the process as you wish.  You can look for Dr. Glen Gatin’s 2009 dissertation on Keeping your distance.  You can also look for the 2011 article by Jones and Alony called Guiding the use of grounded theory in doctoral studies–an example from the Australian film industry. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 6, 95-114.  If you’d like to talk about GT, I’d be happy to answer your questions via Skype (BarryCh209).

    Aslı Bekmen

    Cathy Urquhart’s book “GT for Qualitative Research” is quite helpful if you use the Glaserian approach. 


    Thank you so much sir.

    i am going to study the articles as you mentioned. i am also interested to contact with you on Skype and for this I’ve send you contact request on your Skype ID.

    i want to complete that all process with in 3 to 4 month for master degree research, so thats why i need your proper guidance and valuable suggestions.




    thank you for your kind and helpful reply.

    can i ask for the soft copy of book,if u have?


    Aslı Bekmen

    unfortunately i do not have a soft copy 🙁


    also.. i have not studied these books because here i search a lot in my university central library as well as social sciences libraries but not found. 



    i need the research article on “

    Grounded Theory: An Exploration of Process and Procedure

    Diane Walker

      1. Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    1. Florence Myrick

      1. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Dr. Barry Chametzky

    You can find them at  Just put in the authors and you can find the links.


    big thanks sir…..

    Dr. Barry Chametzky

    Nortey:  You need to read Barney Glaser’s books on GT:  Discovery of Grounded Theory, Doing Grounded Theory, and Theoretical Sensitivity. In addition, the book by Stern and Poor (Essentials of Accessible Grounded Theory) and the book by Martin and Gynnild (Ground theory:  The philosophy of Barney Glaser)  are very, very useful.  

    Good luck.

    Barry Chametzky

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