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    i need to carry out a case study research on the health risks of water shortages in hospitals however im not really sure of what research methods to use.Im thinking of using both interviews and questionnaires but the question is how then can i analyse the data and how should i stucture my questionnair (open-ended or closed questions?) and finally how can i analyse the data statistically?


    You can solve the described problem of number recognition by trying to find a function that implements an appropriate mapping by yourself. This is likely to be neither very fast nor very good. On the other hand, we can resort to machine learning, i.e. use a manually placed sample (or, in other cases, some historical data) to automatically select a solver function. Thus, here and hereinafter (generic) machine learning algorithm I will refer to an algorithm that somehow based on the data forms a nondeterministic algorithm that solves this or that problem, for example in the casino online slots free spins running machine algorithm that counts the probability of winning , and focuses on the gamble players . (Non-deterministic resulting algorithm is needed in order not to fall under the definition of directory, which uses preloaded data or external API).

    Thus machine learning is the most widespread and powerful (but nevertheless not the only) method of data analysis. Unfortunately, machine learning algorithms that are good at processing data of a more or less arbitrary nature have not yet been invented by humans, so a data preprocessor has to do the work of preprocessing the data himself in order to make it fit the algorithm. In most cases, such preprocessing is called feature selection or preprocessing. The point is that most machine learning algorithms take sets of numbers of a fixed length (for mathematicians, points in ) as input. However, various algorithms based on neural networks that can input not only sets of numbers, but also objects that have some additional, mainly geometric, properties, such as images (the algorithm takes into account not only the values of pixels, but also their relative positioning), audio, video and text are also widely used now. Nevertheless, some preprocessing usually occurs in these cases as well, so that one can consider that for them the fichelect is replaced by the selection of a successful preprocessing.


    The systematic application of statistical and logical techniques to describe the data scope, modularize the data structure, condense the data representation, illustrate via images, tables, and graphs, and evaluate statistical inclinations, probability data, to derive meaningful conclusions, is known as Data Analysis. These analytical procedures enable us to induce the underlying inference from data by eliminating the unnecessary chaos created by the rest of it. The generation of data is a continual process; this makes data analysis a continuous, iterative process where the collection and performing data analysis simultaneously. Ensuring data integrity is one of the essential components of data analysis. Data Analysis Methods
    There are two main methods of Data Analysis:

    1. Qualitative Analysis

    2. Quantitative Analysis

    The other techniques include:

    3. Text analysis

    5. Diagnostic analysis

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    When measuring a large data set or population, like a workforce, you don’t always need to collect information from every member of that population – a sample does the job just as well . The trick is to determine the right size for a sample to be accurate. The cost to build an app depends on multiple factors that can affect the cost to build an app. Read these factors may be app complexity, design of an app, and platform

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    Can you analyze what furniture customers want to buy when they come to the website?

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