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    Rebeca B. Cena

    New issue of RELACES!

    Passions, Experiences and Sensitivities: a chance for social criticism

    − 15th issue – Year 6. August 2014-November 2014−


    Today, with great pride, we present this journal’s 15th issue with articles by Italian, American, Canadian, Australian, Russian and Argentinian authors which, as a way of celebrating –just like in the 5th and 10th issues-, implies a diversity of perspectives which renew our effort for opening spaces for discussion and collaboration.

    As it was mentioned in the presentation, “in this issue, the landscape of senses and sensitivities, the initial outcomes of the so-called ‘neurosociology’, the historical concurrence of the multiple moebius strips of feelings, body policies structured in securitization practices, sad passions at the center of social forms of evil acceptance, possible redefinitions of habitus as history made flesh and compensatory consumption as state practice call on us to keep elaborating the uncomfortable character of social sciences.”

    We must thank the authors for sharing their work with RELACES, as well as all those who have submitted their manuscripts and are waiting for the editor’s reply. Our team is busy assessing and preparing the indexes of future issues, which is why the notifications will be sent as soon as the reports are ready.

    We would like to remind you that we are permanently receiving applications for manuscripts to be included in future issues. Our Journal accepts original scientific papers written in Spanish, Portuguese or English (up to two per issue) which include “inquiries about the theoretical, methodological, epistemological and political statutes of studies about the body and emotions in Latin America; we are convinced of the fact that they have to be reviewed”, whether they are in the form of academic articles or book reviews of recent publication. All texts should be uploaded –after signing up as users- to our website, respecting the publication rules and policies of the Journal.

    In this way, we invite all of you to visit our Journal at where you will be able to access not only the latest issue, but also all the previously published issues.


    Warm regards,

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