Ninth Annual Grounded Theory (GT) Jamboree – Wednesday August 6 to Friday August 8, 2014

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    You are invited to attend the Ninth Annual Grounded Theory (GT) Jamboree. It takes place Wednesday August 6 to Friday August 8, 2014.


    Details can be found at: 

    The Jamboree is for those who are using or considering using GT for their research. The group includes graduate students, faculty, and clinicians in all stages and contexts of research.


    The idea for the Jamboree arose from my own difficulties and those of others with whom I have worked, in learning and applying Grounded Theory. For many, Grounded Theory has a different spin from conventional approaches to research. Therein lie the challenges and the opportunities.


    The Jamboree provides the opportunity to appreciate these differences and challenges, to receive some practical advice and experience in dealing with these, and most importantly, sharing with the others in the Jamboree your challenges and successes.


    Some of the key concepts that participants consistently requested be included are:

    • Comparing:
      • Conceptualization and description
      • Emergence and Forcing
      • Jargonizing
      • Dealing with the literature, interview guides, data analysis software, …


    The Jamboree has proven to be an effective means of resolving many of the issues that participants have encountered and we have resolved collaboratively over the years. The Jamboree is not a preventative for difficulties and challenges the researchers face, but a means of crafting your responses to empower you to successfully generate a Grounded Theory and generate that the grounded theory you have generated is indeed grounded and done.

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