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    Devon Brooks

    Hi everyone. I’m developing an online researc course for graduate social work students. As anyone developed or taught an online research course? Woud you be willing to share your course syllabus and materials. I will as well, but am still developing them.

    I imagine that others would be interested in these materials as well. Does anyone have suggestions for how we could go about sharing materials… creating a ‘libary’ of sorts, containing these materials?

    Thanks in advance!


    Barbara Kawulich

    Hi, Devon,

    Our university just began an online doctoral program last year, and I taught the qualitative course in spring. I established an e-reserve through our campus library that students could access with a password; this e-reserve enabled me to use various articles and book chapters without infringing on copyright laws. I established 6 modules, each of which contained a variety of reading assignments, video and audio podcasts, other videos, avatar videos, power points with voice over, questions to direct the focus of the module, discussion boards to ask questions about their reading/understanding and share reflections on the readings, synchronous sessions to enable the students to have face-to-face time, and more.  I would be happy to share my syllabus with you offline, if you care to e-mail me ( It seemed to work fairly well. I will make a few changes to the content before teaching it again in spring.



    Dear Devon,

    I have created an online software for research design ( which is recommended by Sage Methodspace ( It is an ebook, word processor and file manager that helps researchers from all over the world create and manage research designs. 


    The access to the software is free for the first 50 users of any university. Please feel free to email me ( and join our Sage Methodspace group (


    Thank you,





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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