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    I will like to receive a guideline on how to write a proposal for a PhD thesis. I am trying to look at the impact of the PMTCT in Nigeria.

    I would want to use a structured questionnaire which will be administered to facilities providing PMTCT services in Nigeria.

    Every advice is welcome


    Thank you


    Hi Abatta, here are some hints that may be of help. INTRODUCTION-For writing a propossal first you need to explain the issue by stating secondary data and particularly how does it affect the society and nation in various ways. LIT REV – Then from the literature review you need to justify what process or method you believe to be effective for preventing this transmission. THEORY – IF you found any theoretical perspective that suggests the claim. AIM & RQs – Whats the overall aim of this study and what are the questions you would like to answer or is there any hypothesis that you want to examine?METHOD – Then how do you want your study to be done? Quali? Quanti? or mixed? Then mention sub-variety; Case study? Observational? Longitudinal? Phenomenology? Intervention? and so on. Who are your participants, what would be your recruitment process, sample selection? how many do you need and why? DATA COL – What is/are your data collection process? how would you want to analyse them and why? And how the data will be presented? ETHICS – What ethical considerations you need to take in to account and how are you going to address them for conducting this study? LIMITATION – Whether or not this study result can be generalised? Then finally the SIGNIFICANCE – What implication does this study has? How the study out come would be helpful for future implication as a tool or resource for the health professional or what other usefulness you may think of. Remenber its just a study proposal. During the course of your degree you may need to change some of these lements couple of times.

    Hope this will be helpful although think you may have already known this before. In regards to your title may be you can consider to put in the following way: A ………. study on prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child in Nigeria.


    Thank you very much to this useful contribution. I found it helpful and I will do just as you said.


    You are most welcome.


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    Interesting !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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