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    What are good programs for coordinating references and analyzing data?

    Ahmad Alhaqbani

    Hi Robert,
    In terms of coordinating references, I do not think there is a better program than Endnote.If you are looking for a program to analyze your data, it really depends on your type of data (Qualitative or Quantitative).
    The most popular program for analyzing quantitative data is SPSS, and for qualitative data, there are wide range of programs, such as NVivo, Atlas.ti, Transana, etc.

    All the best,

    #4099 is also excellent! You can share collections with other researchers over the web.

    Eileen Thomas

    I’m a qualitative research and use Atlas.ti. I have not used other qualitative software programs but like Atlas.ti because you can organize and analyze media and it’s easy to transfer your data to PowerPoint.


    Thanks for the information. This basically what I have been getting from others.

    Egle Kvieskaite

    I would agree – SPSS for quantitative data and MS Word for qualitative :))

    Ahmad Alhaqbani

    Hi Egle. Could you please explain a bit how to use MS Word in qualitative research?

    Egle Kvieskaite

    Well, my native language is Lithuanian. Our country is quite small (~3.5 m ppl) and we do not have enough instrument for qualitative research in our language. That’s why MS Word is quite useful.

    Firstly, it is important to point out that unlike statistical software (which does analysis for you) qualitative software doesn’t actually analyze the text.

    Secondly, the data entry software for qualitative data is usually a text editor (such as Wordpad in Windows-based systems).

    Actually you can do a lot with a MS Word (or Wordpad), example: word counts, pattern-searching, ability to sort selected paragraphs, group categories and sub-categories and etc.

    Ahmad Alhaqbani

    Thanks very much Egle. It is really useful explanation.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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