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    Elba Debat

    I would like to have information about phenomenological analysis of qualitative data.


    Anything in particular? For instance, there is much phenomenological analysis in Nursing using Heidegger’s concept of care. There is the Husserl process for Bracketing and intentionality. There is the Hermeneutics of Gadamer. In Canada, the author Van Manen from the University of Alberta is an absolutely excellent source for the process of doing phenomenology as a research method.

    If you’re interested in the Social Science perspective, I recommend “Transformative Phenomenology: Changing Ourselves, Lifeworlds, and Professional Practice” Edited by David Rehorick and Valerie Bentz published 2008 by Lexington Books. I attended a one day seminar by Rehorick and found him to be extremely knowledgeable.

    Katie Metzler
    Elba Debat

    Thanks for your reply. In fact I am interested in the Social Science perspective since I am doing research on teacher education. I will try to get hold of the book you recommend.

    Elba Debat

    Thanks for your recommendation. Do you know of any papers about phenomenology that can be accessed online?


    PhaenEx Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture

    PhaenEx is an electronic journal affiliated with the Canadian based international Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture / Théorie et culture existentialistes et phénoménologiques (EPTC/TCEP).

    “Our intent is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for original research in theory or culture from existential or phenomenological perspectives, broadly construed. This includes but is not restricted to philosophical and critical inquiries related to art, literature, science, technology, popular culture, religion, gender and sexuality, applied moral issues and social relations, as well as the history of continental philosophy itself. Submissions in both French and English are encouraged and all submissions are subject to peer review.”

    PhaenEx is indexed regularly in the Philosopher’s Index and is registered with the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Try also these other open access titles, Phenomenology & Practice; Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology; Bulletin d’Analyse Phénoménologique; Hermeneutische Blätter.


    You might also try “online Resources for Continental Philosophy”

    Elba Debat

    It is quite an interesting journal, however, it has a philosophical slant that won´t be too helpful to my work. Tks again for your tips!


    Max van Manen has a site called phenomenologyonline, phenomenology is not a method, it is an approach, there is no one way but there are things one can focus on and there are ways of honing one’s focus, if you are analyzing interviews you will be doing more of a hermeneutic phenomenology I suspect….

    Ina Porumb

    thank you very much 🙂 I found the book “Transformative Phenomenology: Changing Ourselves, Lifeworlds, and Professional Practice”.

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