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    Dear forum members,
    I am doing my graduate thesis, the topic is “Applying Balanced Scorecard to the International University” (my university). I interviewed people to get “strategic objectives” and “measures” (to measure the performance of strategic objectives)
    But when I started writing methodology, especially the part “data analysis”, I could not find an approach to analyze the data
    Innitially I used grounded theory but now I am so worried because it is inductive, but my data is not really inductive: I have predetermined categories and ask interviewees to go details based on the predetermined categories
    This is the first time I knew about qualitative methodology, I am lost
    in so many theories and so confused. I have read some books but did not
    understand well (maybe because of terminologies and my poor english)
    Someone please be so kind to help…
    Thankyou so much…

    Enzo Nussio

    Hi Quynh,
    I think this is a common problem among people who wish to use grounded theory.
    First of all, I recommend you the following book:
    Corbin, Juliet, and Anselm Strauss. 2008. Basics of Qualitative Research: Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory. Third Edition. London: Sage Publications.
    In the 2008 edition of this book you find a section with students Q&A’s. There are also some questions on what to do with previously collected data.
    Second, if you say that you have used predefined categories and you did not do any theoretical sampling, then I would say that this is not a grounded theory research in the strict sense as you do not apply some of the building blocks of this approach. However, you can still argue that your work was inspired by grounded theory coding techniques or other elements of grounded theory if this is the case.
    I hope this helps you with your research.
    Good luck


    Thank you so much, Enzo. It helped me a lot. You really gave me great ideas. My presentation and defend on thesis went well. Thanks again,


    Dear Quynh Nga Kguyen, I have gone though your document on methodology. You have addressed all the issues of a qualitative data. For validity and reliability you can obtain Cornbach Alpha which can be obtained from SPSS by subjecting your data to reliability test.


    Dear Quynh,

    I used grounded theory too in my dissertation project. Have you completed yours?


    No problem if you wanna do qualitative, but for your point of view Balance scored card (BSC) was saturatued in qunatitave research. But if you want to find and explore more meaning to BSC is fine but it’s not a new metoid in strategic management anymore. This my point of view..hope you serach further. The gap in BSC research will help you to explore more.


    Why don’t you try with “Template Analysis” by Nigel King?

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