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    What are the most important subtitles in the introduction that must be included in a power point presentation of research findings?

    Satish Kumar

    Literature Review
    Data and Methodology
    Empirical Results and Analysis


    – Background/Statement of the problem
    – Why this research is important / Significant of the study
    – Limitations and Delimitations


    thanks atleast u got my question, but do u leave out the objectives and assumptions & hypotheses?


    Objectives can be in the background/statement of the problem

    I will have Hypothesis in the method section.

    varadi vijay

    1.Introduction of the study
    2. Objective of the Study
    3. Basis of Problem
    4. Hypothesis
    5. Methodological aspects
    a) What, why, how it is suitable for the particular study
    b) relevance and importance
    6)importance of the study
    7)implications from the study
    8)How and where you study can use
    9)Limitations of the study
    10)Suggestions and Conclusions

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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