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    Joseph Blevins

    If you have worked hard to come up with an amazing book, now is the time to get yourself active and make sure that you promote your book in the best possible way. Surprisingly, there are many simple ways in which you can promote your book and be happy about the efforts taken by you in this case.

    1. Use the social networking sites to promote your book

    One of the most common ways in which you can promote your book is by using the social networking sites in the best possible way. Twitter and Facebook are popular, but you should not forget that Instagram and other popular social networking sites even exist. In case of social networking sites, there are many free ways in which you can promote your book, but we stress on the paid options that will help you generate publicity for your book and get you a considerable coverage till the end of your campaign.

    2. Search engines should be used

    Search engines are affordable, and the results are amazing. So, your book requires considerable promotion on the search engines, and you can use the services of Firefly to get the task completed without any hassle. Promoting your book with ads on search engines will help you get the desired results, but you should make it a point to choose the right keywords in this case.

    3. Book trailer

    Book trailers can do a lot to help you find an amazing response from your target audience. Book trailers can even help you in getting a response from people who are not interested in reading your book.

    4. Giveaway

    A giveaway is an amazing option, and you should consider it, especially if you’re not very popular as an author. It is also an amazing way in which you can get some reviews from people who might be interested in your book, and it should help you in generating some interest as well.

    5. Guest posting

    Guest posting is even a way in which you can generate interest of your target audience and let them know that you have published a book they might be interested in reading. It is important because most of us make a mess while we are trying to entertain the interest of people around us and the focus is not specifically on the target audience.

    6. Getting the book translated

    Considering your book to be translated in one of the many other spoken languages will help you increase your sales reach. Consider choosing languages that are widely spoken such as Spanish or German in order to reach different people and generate the interest of those around.


    One of the most common ways in which you can promote your book is by using the social networking sites in the best possible way.
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    good topic


    Thank you for your topic. I’m trying to write a book about my learnings from FoodFreaks and this topic was very helpfull for our next stet. So thanks 🙂

    Lily Brown

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    John Davis

    There’re lots of free website builders where you can create a page about you and your works. That’s a good point of promoting.


    Well, as elsewhere, the most important thing is the right approach to a marketing strategy and the right work with data. After that, the correct optimization of all content and data to improve promotion. After that, launch automation of all actions and go on sales and promotion of your book. If this is interesting, then you can read the article on how to properly do google optimization In any case, you need to know!

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