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    i have variteias of data but i little know how to anlyssis and the model i have to use pleas suggested me an material how to prepare and analyize different data how to selett model given data thank youin advance

    Dr. R.M. Channaveer

    Mere having possession of data is one requirement. Knowledge framework needs thoughtful conceptualization within which you can analyse the data that you have. Analysis is second step. The preceeding steps are – knowledge framwork i.e. proper conceptualization of what you want to do with the data. You can have association with any academician or resercher and could publish the data in articles in the renowned journals or edited volumes.

    Dr. R. M. Channaveer


    Dr. i have seen your message. it was constructive thank for that .Dr what i want say is that i have good theoritical background and i have taken several statistics courses but practicaly i havepoor back ground to anlyize,for example longitudinal data,time series data,catagorical data…etc


    sir frist of all sorry fo my delay .i was bussy last week
    dear sir i try to find in my area to join acdamician or research association but could’nt get such association.
    Dr.can you suggested me any website that i can join (free of entrance fee) ?

    Nadia Ahouari_Idri

    dear Birhanu:
    Try also to find many articles and documents shared on:
    All the best: Nadia


    dear Nadia i have read the highlight of both and the attached word document and i find it very useful thanks a lot.

    Nadia Ahouari_Idri

    You’re welcome, try also
    Look at these articles, they may be beneficial, one is a lecture of mine.
    I invite you to network:
    I hope to have as a member and contribute in developing it.
    best wishes: nadia


    dear Nadia i have thousands thing ti say but the most important to say is thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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