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    Stephen Gourlay

    Is there a good forum / journal for publishing ideas and tools that contribute to aspects of research practice rather than theory. Through teaching and I’ve developed ideas that are not in methods books that my students and colleagues find useful, but I cannot find how to make them more widely known. Any suggestions? Thank you. Stephen

    Janet Salmons


    Have you seen the new post about the Little Quick Fix books? Editor Alysha Owen suggested that writers contact her about potential LQF or other books. See:

    If you’d like to share more specifics about the types of research practice ideas you want to write about, and I can suggest journals that might be a match.

    Stephen Gourlay

    Thanks very much. I’m not aware of the LQF books but will check them out.
    I found students particularly on time-constrained projects struggle to connect aims and research questions to collecting and analysis and developed a process for reflecting on what data to collect, linking that to how to collect etc. This has a by-product of documenting this phase of research in a way that permits reflection on research design. As such it’s useful for e.g. PhD and other projects. I’ve considered the EJBRM but am reluctant to put it in a subject matter pigeon-hole (nor a qual vs quants one if I proposed a little green books type of publication. It would fit as a book chapter, but I don’t know anyone who’s writing a collaborative one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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