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    M Subrah


    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if SPSS 20 can directly put the frequency results of multiple Likert Scale Questions into one table. 

    At present, when I run the frequencies, I get a separate table for each question. I’m wondering if SPSS can produce a table like the one below directly from the frequency results. a-e would be different questions related to the same topic in the survey, and each question (a-e) used the exact same likert scale (Disagree Strongly/Disagree, Niether Agree/Disagree, Agree Strongly/Agree). To get this table below, I had to copy and paste the results from 5 SPSS frequency tables into an Excel table that I created. I’m just trying to see if SPSS can do it all in one go for me, to save time.


    Table 1. Attitudes Among U of T students to change  their lifestyle over the next 6 months
    I will… Disagree  Strongly/Disagree, % Niether  Agree/ Disagree, % Agree  Strongly/Agree, %
    a)…eat more fruits and  vegetables 45 20 35
    b)…exercise atleast 3 times a  week 15 25 60
    c)…sleep  atleast 7-8/hours each night 54 27 19
    d)…avoid  going to fast-food restaurants 32 48 20
    e)…stop buying sodas 12 37 51


    If anyone can show me how to do this, it would be much appreciated.




    Hi Ms

    I have been using the following procedure that has proved workable for me.

    Analyse=Tables=custom tables=select variables into rows.

    Customs tables window opens.

    under define summary statistics enter “Row N%”

    Check  “custom”

    Under statistics enter “Row N%”

    Under Sort Categories enter “by value”

    Under order enter “ascending” (I use actual likert values 1,2,3 and not categories “agree, strongly agree etc.)

    Under category position enter “row labels in columns”. (NB: do not use default)

    Press OK.

    Kind regards


    M Subrah

    Hi Wilson,

    Thank you for you instructions. This was extremely helpful.

    On an added note, would you know how to do the exact same table as above, but have an added column with Missing values for each question? I added “Missing” from the “Custom Summary Statistics”, in addition to “Row N%”, yet got nothing.

    Thanks for your help again.





    Sorry for the delay. Somehow busy with some data work. Could you please try and follow SPSS help on the menu [Help>Customs table>options>missing values].

    Hope it does help. 

    Best regards,


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