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    hi everyone,

    I am conducting a mixed methods study. My advisor is wanting me to use folio views software to analyze the qualitative data from our focus groups. Has anyone had experience using this? I just did a brief web search, but did not find much information. Any advice or personal anecdotes about the software would be much appreciated.




    I have not heard of the software. Whenever I have tried to conduct a qualitative study I have just used pieces of paper. I was writing my notes and my study participants quotations on pieces of paper step-by-step and analysed the data.
    I have received another software. Max-Q-Data. I have heard a lot about its quality, which is easy to handle and so on.
    I am going to use it in my future qualitative studies. Also in the Microsoft Office there is another tool entitled One Note, which can be used for data analysis. I suggest you to get information on this software.

    Siavash from Persia.



    I forgot to tell you that I have found a very interesting article on the application of “Excel software” for a qualitative research analysis. If you would like to have the article, let me have your email address. I will send the paper to your email address if you like.
    my e-mail address is: vaismoradi_2007@hotmail.com

    Siavash from Persia.

    Fawaz Baddar

    Hello Debbie

    Why are you using folio??????? Do you know if it is a popular tool for qualitative data analysis?

    However I would strongly recommend Nvivo8, for the reasons mentioned by Hannah Betesh, and also once you learn and become an experienced user of this software you would realise how powerful this software is and how much it can really save you time and effort with your analysis. There is a good book that teaches from scratch how to use this software properly ‘Doing Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo’ by Patricia Bazeley, publisher – Sage. This book is simply the bible of how using this software effectively.

    Good Luck with your research


    James Gab

    Hi Debbie,

    QDA Miner is a good qualitative data analysis software. It’s fast, easy to use, offers a lot of computer assistance to speed up the coding process and has a lot of advanced analysis features. For more info click here:  http://provalisresearch.com/products/qualitative-data-analysis-software/

    There is also a free version of QDA Miner called QDA Miner Lite: http://provalisresearch.com/products/qualitative-data-analysis-software/freeware/ 


    Hi Debbie – I see that this is an older discussion, but wanted to throw this out there for you for future projects. If you have not yet done so, check out Dedoose. It is a web based software tool that allows for great collaboration, the use of any computer (Mac AND PC), and the cost is only $10-$12 per month per user after a free 30 day trial.

    Dedoose is also specifically suited for mixed methods work. You can import survey data, add code weighting, and track the demographics of your participants so you can see how your codes are applied in general and how women might be talking about various topics.

    If you are still looking into ideas here is the website: http://www.dedoose.com. And you can sign up for a free one hour demo with the CEO and Co-Founder here: http://blog.dedoose.com/2013/08/free-dedoose-demos/ 

    Good luck with your future projects!

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