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    elham bahramzadeh

    i have another question and hope you can help me.

    i need some questions for my questionnaire.

    my research is about the teachers’ level of education and the disciplinary styles in classroom

    thank you soooooo much




    Dear Elham,

     Have you considered doing focus group discussion sessions and/or individual in-depth interviews in order to come up with some items appropriate to the culture/society in which the teachers live? To considerable extent, disciplinary style is both culturally and historically determined. It would seem that you will make a greater contribution by using both qualitative and quantitative approaches in your study. But, if you are going to limit yourself to one approach, use qualitative; especially if no one has utilized this approach to study your target group. In other words, you do the qualitative as a first set, content analyze the transcription of the interviews and/or observations and then generate items that can be included in the qualitative instrument.

    It is important that you conduct a search to determine what, if anything has already been done, in general and, in particular, among the target population.


    Dear Elham, I agree with Christine Glover-Walton. I wish you can use qualitative methodology. I think you are aware of Actor Network Theory. It is one of the best methodology in my opinion which will be suitable for your research. It is material and semiotic method. If you need further guidance i will be too glad to be of use to you.


    elham bahramzadeh

    thanks alot

    i searched in the internet but did not come to a concluion about actor network theory

    can you explain it more if possible?


    elham bahramzadeh




    Hi, try this web addtess, you perhaps might get additional information



    Sorry, line 7, in part, should read “and then generate items that can be included in the quantitative instrument”.

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