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    laura stuart

    Hello All!

    I am currently pursuing my Ph.D in Health Promotion.   And I am stuck on qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research.  I can say what it means, but can’t pick it out when reading it. Can anyone offer any advice? 


    Dr Ann Lawless

    Hello Laura,

    welcome to Methodspace.

    I am not sure what you asking – do you mean how do you tell, when reading research, whether it is qual, quant or mixed?


    Stephen Gorard

    Good. Stay like that.


    Sounds like a non-problem to me. In the middle ages in Europe clerics and students had to learn the characteristics of cherubim and seraphim. Even though neither exists or existed. Pointless waste of human talent.


    Same applies here. The rules for judging trustworthiness are the same for all.


    And if you do not separate things out there is no need to mix!


    But most importantly, they have nothing at all to do with research designs.

    laura stuart

    Dr. Lawless,

    I’m sorry for the sentence being vague. You’re right.  I am asking how to find qual, quant or mixed results in literature review.  I understand that quant involves hypothesis and qual is ethnography, ground theory, etc.  But sometimes I am confused on finding words that would describe each theory?  Any suggestions?

    Stephen Gorard

    Both of these claims are wrong. Just ignore the issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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