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    What are some of the Research Methods Q&A and discussion sites available online? I’ve recently made a proposal for such a site at StackExchange: Research Methods proposal. It would be great to get comments and help with outlining the scope of that site!

    Jeremy Miles

    It depends what you want, there are very active email lists on things like structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling, or on specific programs. ‘Research methods’ is very broad.


    I’m basically interested in two things. First, a collection or list of some kind that would help me navigate in the world of research methods. Say I have a topic or complex research question or set of questions that I want to answer. I know some methods well, but would like to know if there is something better I can apply and should learn. So this is about finding a suitable method for a certain type of problem.

    The second thing is to get more detail about the method, beyond its general description. For instance, how to deal with specific logistic challenges, availability of suitable software tools, examples of good research that has been carried out using that method, and advice for my particular case. In a sense, going from the knowledge that the method exists and what its purpose is, to actually applying it in real research.

    The mailing lists on structural equation modelling and multilevel modelling you mention are good examples of the second part. The downside is that the information is scattered in different places and the first part seems to be missing.

    Any thoughts or pointers on how I could get both of these things?


    I should add that here, I include quantitative, qualitative as well as mixed methods in “research methods”. In multidisciplinary research, there are often several possibilities of methods that can be used, and each has pros and cons on both the theoretical and practical level. So the first thing, the list or collection of methods, should allow me to get an overview of what methods I could apply for a specific problem, and compare them. As I’m narrowing down my search, the second thing, the specifics, become more important. I hope I have expressed my question clearly enough – if not, please let me know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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