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    Samantha Daleiden

    If you could put together a page of links and RSS feeds containing your most valued free web resources, what kind of resources’ links would you put on your page?


    Which research methods web pages, blogs, conferences, data sets would you want access to in the midst of your research?


    Are there any pages that you commonly refer to or refer others to?


    Excited to hear your thoughts!

    Matt Jans

    I usually use UCLA’s ATS page for applied stats needs. They have a large amount of annotated code and output for various programs. Results seem well-indexed by Google, so searching “technique software ATS UCLA” usually gets me a solution.

    Samantha Daleiden

    Thank you for your suggestion, Matt. This is really useful! In addition to all of the examples, they provide links to in-person or webinar consulting, help with dissertations, and even FAQ’s for particular areas of study.

    Does anybody else use a site like this or a site that posts conventions in research methods regularly or any other world wide web information you use regularly?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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