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    Adrian Stanciu

    Dear all,

    I am a first year Research Master student in Social Psychology. I am currently involved in collecting data for my traineeship research. Specifically, I am interested in what is the impact of acculturation strategies on consumer behavior among sojourners. I am conducting the research in the Netherlands (at my University) on German students. 
    My DVs are attitudes towards Dutch cultural food products and actual preferences for cultural food products (i.e. Dutch and German). My hypotheses are that depending on one’s own acculturation interest (integrate, assimilate, separate, or marginalize) he/she will evaluate and prefer cultural food products accordingly to his interest in keeping the home culture and seeking contact with the host culture. Specifically, if an individual wants to integrate I am expecting no differences in his preferences and attitudes towards Dutch and German food products.
    I have asked some professors about literature on this topic. They all told me that it has never been studied. However, I am still not convinced by this. Thus, my question to you has something to do with literature on acculturation and consumer behavior (together) from a social psychological perspective. Furthermore, I am interested in what variables do you think may moderate the relationship between these two. And of course, how should I further develop this idea?
    Thank you a lot!
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