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    One of the best sources for innovative and interesting KT models is the Nursing profession. Nursing research has focused on producing many Research Utilization models. The interesting consideration is how commensurable these models are in other environments. Here are a few models for consideration. I’ve attached a presentation I gave here at the University of Saskatchewan outlining Nursing Knowledge Utilization.

    Sample of Nursing Models
    -CURN Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing
    -Iowa Model of Research in Practice
    -Collaborative Research Utilization Model
    -Stetler/Marram Model for application of research findings in practice
    -“Multidimensional Framework”
    -BARRIERS to Research Utilization Scale
    -Research Factor Questionnaire

    Sample of Nursing Research Utilization
    -McCloskey (2008) “Nurses’ Perceptions of Research Utilization in a Corporate Health Care System”

    -Tolson et al. (2008) “Achieving evidence-based nursing practice”

    -Oh, E.G. (2008) “Research activities and perceptions of barriers to research utilization among critical care nurses in Korea”

    -Thompson et al (2008) “The relationship between busyness and research utilization”

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