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    Katie Metzler

    Here are some interesting papers about using data from social media in research, or using social media as a tool for data collection. Please share your resources in this group too!


    Robert E. Wilson, Samuel D. Gosling, and Lindsay T. Graham, A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences Perspectives on Psychological Science May 2012 7: 203220, doi:10.1177/1745691612442904  203.full.pdf – This is a brilliant review article if you’re considering doing FB research


    Thomas Zeitzoff, Using Social Media to Measure Conflict Dynamics: An Application to the 2008–2009 Gaza Conflict Journal of Conflict Resolution December 2011 55: 938969, first published on June 20, 2011 doi:10.1177/0022002711408014



    Anders Olof Larsson and Hallvard Moe, Studying political microblogging: Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign New Media & Society 1461444811422894, first published on November 21, 2011 doi:10.1177/1461444811422894  1461444811422894.full.pdf


    Katie Metzler

    Tim Graham has shared an interesting article on Big Data and social media in another post on methodspace which you can access here…


    On Tuesday we talked about visualising data both in how it could be used to publicise social research and how we needed to take a more critical approach to how it had been used so far.


    On the 12th of July Cardiff University will be hosting Exploring the Use of Visual Media in the Communication of Research.


    This exploratory seminar will bring together a range of social science researchers and visual media experts, working within and across a variety of fields, to explore the challenges and opportunities of using visual media in the representation of research findings.


    The event could provide an opportunity for members of the network to tease out and address some of the issues we talked about on Tuesday.



    A few more!




    Mapping Controversies Resources ( – a massive index of different tools.


    Ushahidi  ( – Non-profit information collection, visualization and interactive mapping made ‘famous’ during the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya. 


    Issue Crawler ( – Developed by the team at




    Global Pulse ( – the UN’s big data R&D lab.


    Digital Methods Initative Wiki ( – is a collaboration of the New Media TEMLab, University of Amsterdam and the Foundation, Amsterdam, with founding support from the Mondriaan Foundation.


    Google Flu Trends ( – Google’s early flu monitoring system based on search terms.  




    NYT – The Age of Big Data (


    Janet Salmons

    Studies discussed in Cases in Online Interview Research include research using data collected from Facebook, blogs, and interviews conducted using Second Life, meeting spaces, videoconferencing, as well as email. I’ve posted additional resources on my website, including materials for instructors and for researchers. See: for more.

    Janet Salmons

    Also, see this handout and link to a sample electronic informed consent form:

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