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    Great forum site! Thanks in advance for any advice. Apologies for wordiness.

    Ok. Postgrad study in Psychology. Specifically substance use for a postgrad thesis (30,000 words).

    Exploratory study. Want to see if the views of clinicians (medicine etc) and clinical program students (eg medicine) around substance use are in line or similar to the views of substance users or if there are discrepancies.

    Also want to see if clinicians / students who score high on eg openness, warmthn (BIG 5) , flexibility and score low on stigmatising  have views which are more inline with substance users. Used 4 scales

    I surveyed half clinicians / students on Indigenous substance use and the other half on non Indigenous substance use. Same questions just substited Indigenous for Non indigenous.

    Surveyed clinicians (45) and students (40) Survey had 7 open ended q’s (views) and 4 scales (personality etc).

    To compare views I interviewed substance use clients. Non Indigenous (20), Indigenous (13). Asked questions similar those asked to clinicians on views around substance use.

    Problems. I am leaning towards content analysis to compare views and intergrate clinicians views with scale scores but the the sizes of the 4 groups vary greatly the client groups are lots smaller than that of the clinicians / students. Would this cause a problem with content analysis?



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