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    Do we have to undertake pilot study to calculate sample size and based on this study we have to  calculate the sample size and then decide what should be our sample size for Phd thesis work.Please advice me in detail on this

    Dave Collingridge

    If little is known about what kind of data to expect then it is a good idea to do a pilot study first. Sometimes expected values can be taken from published research if others have studied the same or similar topics. You should plan what kind of data you will get and the type of analysis you want to run and then do a power and sample size calculation.

    Stephen Gorard

    Dear Shilpa,


    I attach here a section (6.3) from Chapter 6 of my book:

    Gorard, S. (2013) Research Design: Robust approaches for the social sciences, London: SAGE, ISBN 978-1446249024, 218 pages

    It raises several relevant issues and has some craft advice. Hope it helps.


    Dear Stephen,

                        Thank you very for your advice.It has helped me to proceed my further work.

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