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    Nigel Mellor

    Dear Colleagues

    “The Secrets of the Doctorate: An introduction to messy method as a means of creating knowledge. A primer for researchers”

    The above book is available on my website

    You need to hunt around a little bit for the page called “Messy method: the secrets of the doctorate” and you will find the material there as a powerpoint attachment.

    The book takes a positive view of the messiness of research and, in fact, actively includes mess as an essential feature of methodology. It is written in a simple style, with cartoons, to help overcome some of the intellectual and confidence barriers that new researchers can encounter when starting cutting edge inquiry. The text draws on very contemporary problems in the physical and social sciences and the arts. The ideas are mainly based on my PhD thesis which is available on my main website

    The book itself is free. It really is best printed out in colour. I would strongly suggest that you try to find a colour printer – black and white will spoil the effect.

    I hope you enjoy the material.

    Best wishes

    Nigel Mellor

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