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    John A. Huss

    My colleague and I conducted a study at our university (Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, KY) in which we surveyed all students across the campus who had taken at least one fully online course in Fall 2012. We received over 1,000 responses and subsequently published an article in October 2013 that discussed student attitudes toward online instruction, their positive and negative experiences, and their perceptions of instructor presence in their courses. We would like to collaborate with an instructor (or instructors) from another/other universities who would be interested in conducting a similar study (or has already conducted such a study) at his/her institution for the purposes of writing a joint article that looks at similarities/differences between (or among) the universities. We could combine the data for general findings and then make cross-comparisons by university. Very open to process and procedures. At this point, we are simply trying to locate someone with a similar interest who would like to work with us on this research endeavor and would be able to collect student feedback from your institution. Contact John Huss at     Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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