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    Jamie Bird

    I am just beginning a PhD (at the University of Derby, UK) and am focusing upon the use of sense based methodologies (including the visual) and Participatory Action Research to develop ways of understanding experiences of gender violence/domestic violence, to understand responses to media representations of gender/domestic violence and to explore arts based forms of dissemination of those experiences and responses. There may be a cross-over into the issue of migration, asylum and transnational identities. A lot I know – which needs condensing perhaps. I have a good understanding and experience of the methodology in relation to the migration and asylum issue but I wonder if anyone has any experience and suggestions with regards to the issue of gender/deomestic violence and this type of methodology? Thanks.


    Hi Jamie,
    That sounds like a really interesting project! I myself am not versed in these fields but I do have a colleague here at the University of Surrey who is using visual methodologies in his PhD and who I know is plugged into a network regarding these methodologies… I shall encourage him to join us on here and to respond to your query. He might have some useful pointers.
    Good luck in the meantime!


    Hi Jamie, one of the main authorities on this is Sarah Pink at Loughborough. You might want to check out her work if you have not already done so. I think Amanda Coffey and co in Cardiff have also explored issues of sense-based methods.



    I am doing PAR and a key theme is violence. A key person you want to look at is Angie McRobbie – she does alot with the media and symbolic violence.

    Jamie Bird

    Patrick, thanks for this. I am already in contact with Sarah and have some good links with other researchers at Loughborough who have an interest in visual methods.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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