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    SAGE Publishing

    We’re still in the process of updating the design of the site: what features do people see as most valuable? What’s less useful?


    Not sure that the calendar works. Its all very well highlighting conference days, but why do so when the conference is listed below. Also, as it stands, these notes are too late to enable people to attend. better to post new conference announcements and scrap the calendar I think. Any thoughts?

    Natalie Aguilera

    I agree Patrick. The calendar feels redundant.

    Alexandra Cuncev

    Sorry… This is my last comment… I noticed there is no BACK button on some pages… For instance, when adding a discussion, how do you go back to the discussion board, other than by pressing DISCUSS again?? Thank you!!

    Bojana Lobe

    Dear all,
    here are my first impressions:

    * Maybe speech bubbles could be done differently – maybe not so blurred or some other form instead.
    * the “home” section might be a bit confusing … too much info on each side … maybe it could be made in two columns instead of three?
    * i like the above drop down menu
    * the “my page” section is very nice – it is nicely structured and gives opportunities to create content,
    * also “events’ section i like a lot. Tho i wonder why the Research and Ethics Vulnerability workshop is not displayed like the other events. Overall it is great to have such a comprehensive list of all interesting conferences in one place:>
    * If i wanted to add some event to resources – teaching (a research methods summer school), how would i do that? For now, i can only comment … (ok, it might not fall into this category but would be interesting to know anyway).

    Overall, i think this will be a great site for everyone interested in methods, it holds a potential to be very useful and powerful tool.

    If i think of anything else, I will let you know:>


    I find a lot of value in the forum and conference listings. Easy to interact, not too time consuming (writing a blog takes much more time) and as the community grows hopefully tons of useful suggestions.

    I sometimes feel I am drowning in Internet communities, I maintain a travel blog, active at a travel message board, twitter, facebook, orkut and what not. So whatever saves me time …

    I also thought we could have groups and surgery within the forums? Here is an example of the forum (message board) I am used to-


    Why are conferences not listed under events? Also, we need to add semiars and training courses to events too.

    I also agree with Mridula’s suggestion that it would be a good idea to enable surgery threads within forums, blogs and groups.

    Sophie Sarre

    I think that when it goes public people should be able to visit the site at least once to check it out before being asked to join. Were it not for the fact that I have a personal connection with the site i would have backed off at the first screen since it asks me to commit straight away.

    Sophie Sarre

    I agree with Charlotte on all the above points.
    By the way the NCRM is the ESRC’s National Centre for Research Methods

    Berkay Ozcan


    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a small “news-feed” in “my page” of all the discussions posted (not only by me) recently in my groups. Now, in order to see what’s going on in my groups I have to check their page, right?


    Hi Sophie,
    One has to join right now as we are beta testing, but when the site goes live there will be no need for users of the site to join.

    Alexandra Cuncev

    I was also wondering whether the ‘invite’ option within groups can be slightly modified, so that it allows inviting ‘members’ not just ‘connections’, as this restricts the number of people we can invite in one group.


    Hi I just wanted to say that the site is looking great and has all the hallmarks of a great online place to be for us people interested in methods. I hope people pick up on it, get connected and get sharing. I’ll add more thoughts on the shape and feel of it once I’ve had a bit more time to use it.


    Some nice developments here!
    Just to say that there seems to be a strange thing happening in the events section – when you put down what type of event you are adding the site distinguishes between ‘Conference’ and ‘conference’ … as well as seeing a ‘one day event’ as three different types of event ‘one’ ‘day’ and ‘event’. Is there a way of having a few drop-down options for types of events and an ‘other’ type which people can then specify?


    Hi Berkay
    I’ve added ‘latest activity’ to the homepage: how do you feel about this content? Does it cover what you were looking for?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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