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    Saliha Bava

    Presenters: Sheila McNamee and Saliha Bava

    We invite you to join us for a workshop on Social constructionist Inquiry on Nov 3-5, 2011. This workshop will focus on modes of inquiry that blur the traditional distinction between research and social change (e.g., consultation, program development, etc.). We will explore what research from a constructionist orientation looks like, how is it different and similar to traditional, empirical modes of inquiry, and how research informs the everyday practices of all participants. Emphasis will be given to the transformative potential of inquiry. In particular, participatory research, appreciative inquiry, action research, and autoethnography will be used to make the case for widening participation and involvement in research in order to maximize the relevance and accessibility of studies. This theme resonates with the constructionist call to recognize the ways in which all social action rests in a matrix of relationships with other actors.


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