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    Saleh Ali

    My question is about social judgement theory. I have read lots of articles about it but there is a point that I did not really understand. I found this statement in“” :

    The key point of the Social Judgment Theory is that attitude change (persuasion) is mediated by judgmental processes and effects. Put differently, persuasion occurs at the end of the process where a person understands a message then compares the position it advocates to the person’s position on that issue.

    Now, in relation to this statement, my understanding of a “mediator” is that: A affects B, and when having C as a mediator the route will be: A affects C which in turn affects B. Now, how can persuasion be mediated by judgmental processes and effects? Does it mean that the message affects the judgmental processes and judgmental processes affects persuasion? This does not make sense for me because based on SJT, people have one of three positions: accept, reject and non-commitment. These positions are held based different factors and before receiving any message that tries to develop or change some existing attitudes!

    Could you explain this for me please!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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