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    Hi every one. I am a Global Journalism masters student in Sweden. I want to write my thesis on how members of the Uganda netwok use Facebook. I want to conduct a web-based survey for my study. And Yes and addition of ethnography and some interviews would have worked well for my study but too finanacial and time limitations, i can not use these two methods. So the question is what kind of sample is appropiate for such a study. Secondly, may you please help explain how can i go about this study.
    third, where can i get previous research on social network site in Africa?
    Thank you


    Hello Marian

    For your first question, I have a book in the digital format on conduction interviews via mail and email. This is my email address: Contact with me to send the book to you. With the book you can find the answer to your inquiries related to the interview process conducted via the internet.

    In addition, you should remain faithful to the qualitative research rules on data gathering and sampling. The rules say that the matter of “data saturation” should determine your study sample size. You can not determine a fixed number of participants before starting your study. Clearly, the participants words and statements and the amount of data gathered via interview and mail survey direct you to the stop point of your research. The rules should be followed if you would like to gather data which are trustworthy. Read below book to find more on this issues:

    Streubert Speziale HJ, Carpenter DR. Qualitative research in Nursing: Advancing the Humanistic Imperative. 4th ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2007.

    For your second question, the book that I will send you via email (after your contact) will show you the way.

    Third, I think the best way of accession to previous studies related to your interested research is the internet. The GoogleScholar is the first step.

    Best wishes for your research,


    A PhD Candidate of Nursing from Persia


    thank you so much


    Hi Maryian,
    This sounds like a very interesting study indeed! I think Facebook is a fertile space – both as the object of study and as a data-gathering device. Here are a few references on conducting research online, as well as a few about analysing documents (I thought that as well as interviewing people online, you might be able to analyse their facebook page as a document, if that makes sense? Just a thought). Good luck and enjoy your research!


    Banks, M (2001) Visual Methods in Social Research, Sage.
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    Jones, S (ed.) (1998) Doing Internet Research: Critical Issues and Methods for
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    Dr Ann Lawless

    have you considered creating a small set of studies that act as samples (or exemplars) of social networks in Uganda, rather than a survey? That is, do a few indepth studies of how a small number of indivudals do their social networking, and then embed that in a review of social networking in Africa or orhter third world contexts??

    for identifying the previous research, thats the hard work we all have to do to build a literature review – its very time consuming and hard work – eg hunt out the boks, journals and so on that will help you, eg scan the academic journals relevant to your field, and set up TOC alerts with several publishing houses such as SAGE, Routledge, Wiley interscience and so on – the standrad process for searching for literature in an academic field such as this. But I bet you have thoguht of that!!


    Thanks so much! However, I had to change my topic to the selection and production of front-page news. My search for literature revealed that a study had just been conducted about Facebook in Uganda and actually none had been conducted on the selection of news, thus i opted for this.

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