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    John W. Creswell

    I assume that most of you know that the 6th annual Mixed Methods Research Conference will be held at the Marriot Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on Wednesday, July 7 through Sunday, July 11th, 2010.  For the first five years the annual conference has been held in the UK, first at Cambridge University and then in Harrogate, UK.  This year the conference comes to the US for the first time.  It will be hosted by individuals at Leeds University, UK and at Johns Hopkins University, USA.  This conference brings together new scholars and those who have been writing in the mixed methods field for years.

    On Saturday, July 10th,  at 3:30-4:00 at the conference I will be facilitating a special session to discuss the formation of an International Association for Mixed Methods Research.  In my international travels and speaking engagements, I have learned about the growing interest about mixed methods among many different countries and their scholars.  I thought that it was time to at least being the discussion about forming an international group.

    This group could form a network (e.g., Website) to share ideas.  It could lead to collaboration on international projects.  It could develop into scholarly exchanges through panel presentations about the development of mixed methods at scholarly conferences.  It could be a way for new scholars to connect with more experienced mixed methods researchers.  It could be a means for sharing books, journal articles, and recent trends and ideas in mixed methods research.  It could augment the discussion forums on Methodspace.

    Now my question to you:  Do you think that this would be a good idea? Also, what activities do you feel such an association might undertake?  I will plan on sharing your ideas posted here at the national meeting during our inaugural forum on July 10th.  

    Thanks.  John W. Creswell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  

    Dear John,
    I think this is an excellent idea. Your suggestions on what this association could do are excellent. Subgroups could be also developed to enhance the development of mixed methods research in different fields such as education, healthcare etc. This associaiton could also identify mentors who reside in different parts of the world who would support novice mixed methods researchers in thier own country.

    Elif Kus Saillard

    I think it is a very good idea. Scholars from various disciplines and countries could come together in such kind of forums, and share their mixed-method experiences. Personally, I am very curious to listen and learn more about mixed-method experiences.
    I am a qualitative researcher and I am wondering mostly qualitative researchers experience of mixed-methods. I believe that there are quantitative or qualitative researchers, and mixed-method research designs in which both qual-quant. researchers can work collaboratively…

    Betty Akumatey

    Dear John,

    I also think the idea of an international network of Mixed methods researchers is an excellent one. One purpose which this would serve is to develop an online database of technical experts to enable individuals and institutions in need of skills for mixed methods analysis or research design identify and access them more readily.



    Dear John,
    As you know I am not attending to MMR Conference in Baltimore because of some financial issues, but I would like suggest you to think about the chance to link your initiative to our efforts related to the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry. We are thinking on create an international website with local/national institutions/institutes linked as a large and productive network. You have been on Urbana-Champaign several times and it would be awesome to share ideas about ways of strength relationships and collaborating projects between researchers from different countries.

    I think this is a great initiative, good luck!

    zahid latif

    Dear Sir,
    I think this is a good idea. Your suggestions on what this association could do are excellent. Subgroups could be also developed to enhance the development of mixed methods research in different fields such as education, health etc. This could also identify who reside in different parts of the world who would support mixed methods researchers in their own country.

    edy chandra

    I also think that your idea is very good and interesting. Subgroups in different fields could be developed such as education, social work, health, and etc to enhance collaborative work. This association should be supported novice researchers in another countries.

    Moira Hunter


    I too think this is a very good idea for all the above stated reasons. It could also offer the possibility for researchers to have easier access to international participants and learners through collaborative approaches to research areas.

    Stephen Palmer

    Hi John

    What an exciting idea!
    As you say, it could be a network/forum to begin with like this current one we are using. (I’d still use this one.)

    It could be set up professionally with a constitution etc but would involve setting up costs so that could be stage 2 if finance was a problem. Perhaps there would be some funds left over from the conference that could be used.

    The 2 sub-groups I would be interested in would be 1) coaching psychology, 2) stress and wellbeing. These reflect our area of research at our Coaching Psychology Unit (City University London). We have found the mixed methods approach really useful.

    I’d actively encourage my PhD/DPsych students and colleagues to join it if the membership fee was affordable. If it remained just a network there might not be any membership fees.

    Hope it can be set up. Do let us know the outcome at the conference.

    Best wishes



    I also think an International Association is a great idea. Targeting professional/content areas such as health services research, social work, clinical psychology, and public health is one way to draw potential members and enhance networking. Might I suggest additional subgroups related to MM designs/methodologies, theory/conceptual frames, and other issues of interest to multidisciplinary researchers? I think that this Association could work wonders for training more junior MM researchers like me in these areas and look forward to hearing more.


    Actually, I hadn’t submitted anything to or registered for the conference because I was mistakenly under the assumption that it was in Leeds. Anyway, for those interested, here is the website:

    I think an association would be a very good idea! Two queries I have would be (i) what its sources of support would be to increase its longevity rather than just a fash in the pan effort. And (ii) how it would be organized. Have you been looking at other associations as potential models? The American Evaluation Association might be one worth looking at. They seem to combine section focused on methods & applications as well as those focused on a particular topical area/field. We all seem to want a mixed methods association that speaks to the work we do, be it in demography, sociology, education, psychology, economics, etc. But if it is structured so, how will it encourage sharing of experiences across these area? Some food for thought.


    Hi John,
    Great idea! This association/network comes at the right time. Many mixed methods postgraduate students and researchers feel lonely and this would serve as a forum of exchange. How is it financially going to survive? Keep us posted. By the way, I am finalising a PhD proposal in Social Science Research Methods at Stellenbosch University and am using mixed methods. Though inexperienced in this area, this paradigm is thrilling and worth exploring.
    Jean Providence


    Dear Prof. Creswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its excellent idea especially for the developing countries professionals who intend to know more about MMR and want to leanr more & more about this emerging paradigm. For this noble cause, you are most well come for any help from Pakistan. Muhammad Arif Lcturer, LIS Dept. Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad-Pakistan. Cell: +923334033441

    Sager Hader

    John, this is a beautiful idea, I will be looking forward to join this organization, and hope that it will be more than just a network. My thoughts are that one of the main roles of this organization would be to carry out training, organise workshops and conferences in the field of MMR world wide. I like the ideas of local mentoring mentioned earlier in this discussion and I thing the organization might train local mentors who help and guide new MM researchers in their countries. I will be looking for this thread regularly to see updates, so please keep us updated.

    John W. Creswell

    Thanks for all of your comments about starting an international association. i will summarize all of the thoughts before I go into the session at the conference in Baltimore and send my summary to you. The comments have been quite positive! I would suggest, however, that when you reply, please state your country so that I can get a sense of the potential countries that may be involved in such an international association. Thanks. John Creswell

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