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    We had a fantastic launch event on the 31st of May with great speakers and exciting discussions with our network members. You can catch up on the entire launch event by looking at the videos from the day on Methodspace ( link.)


    Over on our blog (link) we put up posts from our speakers and summaries of the day after the event. We also posted up summaries of the 4 workshops – qualitative methods, quantitative methods, ethics, quality – we held at the launch event highlighting the key issues that arose in the workshops. We’ll be posting up more blogs, videos and content over the coming weeks and months and we’d love for you to come discuss them with us on Methodspace (link). 


    On the forums we had a discussion about how digital research prevents both opportunities and challenges for qualitative research (link). Four of the key points from our workshop were highlighted – can we map the different methods researchers are using, what’s the relationship between researcher and participant, can a sample ever be inclusive, does the difference between people’s behaviors on and offline present a barrier or opportunity. Poster’s also raised questions around whether interviews can be answered in just words or in images as well in digital research and asked how motivations researchers have for interviewing participants through the internet impact on their own methodological approach.


    We also discussed Gareth Morrell’s summary of the first event (link). During the discussion posters raised the issue of whether the area was under theorized and what role theory had to play in the network, with one poster suggesting that framing social media data as subjugated knowledges to understand different discursive fields. Poster’s also re-raised the issues of sampling and ethics that had been discussed during the first day, clearly key issues that’ll need to be discussed throughout the life of the network.  


    Finally, we’ve also set up a thread on the forums entirely dedicated to sharing resources with other members of the network (link).  There’s already some great resources there and we’d be delighted if you could come share any you have with the rest of the network.



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