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    Samantha Daleiden

    Hi Everyone:


    We have a feature in SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) in which you can select different items while you perform your research and then name the assembled items.  These items could include a range of information types such as, dictionary entries, book chapters, journal articles or videos.  You could name the aggregated items “Focus Groups Research.”


    Some examples of other times you may have performed this type of action are grabbing your favorite music in iTunes and creating a folder for it and naming it work out music, collecting your most referenced websites and giving them a folder in favorites in your web browser, or gathering recommended books for a certain topic on and naming it something for the public to view.


    How would you refer to this feature in SRMO?  What do want to call the ability to do this?  Another way of thinking of this is, finish this sentence…”Today I am going to create my __________ of focus groups material.”


    Looking forward to hearing your opinions and completion of the sentence!



    SRMO Product Manager

    Marie Kennedy

    some possibilities: library, notebook, folder

    Tara Feld

    * research
    * collection
    * list
    * group
    * project

    Dylan Craig

    How about ‘cluster’? It’s a rarer term than other synonyms for a group, which would make searching for it under Help easier. By which I mean: ‘How do I make a cluster’ is easier to respond to using automated systems than requests involving words which might be synonyms for other features of the database (e.g. file, folder, list).


    I like the idea of “cluster”. What does everyone think of “playlists” – does that sound a bit like it’s music and audio material rather than text?

    Samantha Daleiden

    These are all great suggestions! Thank you all for participating. So we have:
    “I am going to create my playlist of focus groups material”
    “I am going to create my collection of focus groups material”
    “I am going to create my library of focus groups material”
    “I am going to create my cluster of focus groups material”

    Any preferences after seeing them in context? When I read the sentence, I really like library and playlist. What does anyone else think?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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