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    Karen Argus


    I’m a HDR student working on a thesis in visual art, but I’ve come from the field of education and am having some difficulty in understanding how research in visual art is carried out. My thesis ends in an exegesis – exhibition and thesis.

    A couple of books which I have found helpful, have been:

    • Barrett, E and Bolt, B (ed) 2012. Practice as Research: approaches to creative arts enquiry, I. B. Tauris: UK
    • J. G. Knowles and Cole, A. L. 2008. Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research:perspectives, methodologies, examples and issues, SAGE Publications: USA

    But, I still feel a tad out of my depth.

    Does anyone have any other source that I might find helpful?


    Hi Karen

    2 papers that might help… both, I think are available online…

    McIntyre, P 2006, ‘Creative Practice as Research: ‘Testing Out’ the Systems Model of Creativity through Practitioner Based Enquiry’, paper presented to Applying Practice Led Research in the Creative Industries, Brisbane.

    Milech, B & Schilo, A 2004, ‘Exit Jesus’: Relating to the Exegesis and the Creative/Production Components of a Research Thesis, Centre for Research and Graduate Studies-Humanities, Curtin University., <;.



    Karen Argus

    Thank-you JT.

    I should be able to access them through the library.

    I had a quick look over your research. Interesting and complex.

    I’ll pop back later and have a better read.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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