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    PRESENTATION/PAPER FOCUS – Practice, Research, Theory

    Presentations and published papers may have a theory, research or practice focus:

    Practice Focus
    A presentation or publication which describes innovative or exemplary practices or programs in the community, in workplaces, in education institutions and the like. This may take the form of case studies, narratives, demonstrations or technical reports. The outcomes of practice may be improved frameworks, concepts, understandings or structures, such as enhanced capacity through the development of skills, knowledge and operational effectiveness. This kind of work may involve putting theory and research into practice.

    Research Focus
    A presentation or publication reporting upon original research, based on the systematic collection and analysis of data or facts. This kind of work may involve the application or testing of theory.

    Theory Focus
    A presentation or publication which is broad and generalising in its emphasis, reflecting upon and systematically referenced against one or more bodies of literature or systems of thought. Referees for presentation proposals and of submitted papers will base their assessment upon the kind of focus of a particular presentation or paper.

    Submission Deadline
    The deadline for the current round in the Call for Papers is 09 April 2009. Please return to this page after this date for the next deadline. Proposals received during earlier rounds, when accompanied by a paid registration, will be given scheduling priority.

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