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    Alexandra Cuncev

    My name is Audrey Kieran. At present, I am completing an MA in Sequential
    Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. I send this email to
    cordially invite you to come along and view my work at the private view on
    the 18th of September.

    This Work May Contain Preservatives

    >From scrapbooks to websites, each family has its own way of preserving
    family recipes and history. My general thesis is that recipes are an
    ancient form of transmission of ritual which is far more ingrained and
    human a method of remembrance than any modern day. A recipe can be a
    tangible link between rememberer and remembered.

    Throughout the year, I documented moments of intimacy experienced in
    cooking with another person and the symbolic significance of certain
    foods for some people. Recording personal culinary histories through
    recollections, techniques and findings that explore the legacy of
    recipes. My research has culminated in book format for you to view at
    my MA show.

    My work can be seen on my website at
    If you wish to contact me regarding commissions or freelance work
    of any kind please contact me on +44 77 888 96684.

    Hope to see you at the show

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