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    I am doing a Ph.D research using qualitative method using case study methodology which involves reaching handful of renowned experts worldwide to understand how they used training strategies to shorten time-to-expertise of employees. Most of these experts are geographically distributed. I am planning to use online media and technologies to interview them and seek their qualitative inputs. Some mediums are:

    – In-person face to face interview
    – Phone conference interview (audio), 
    – Video conference interview (Face to face)
    – Skype Video call interview (face to face) 
    – Google Hangouts interview (Face to face)
    – iPhone Face time interview (face to face)
    – Tango video call interview (face to face)
    – E-mail response to embedded questionnaire (non face to face)
    – Online web based questionnaire (non face to face)

    Each medium has exactly same set of questions to gather expert’s opinion regaridng the case he has worked upon. Key challenge is that one expert cannot be contacted again. Rational to choose different mediums for different experts is that not all are available for in-depth interview due to their busy schedule but maybe able to respond to an e-mail or online questionnaire.

    At this point, I am trying to see how should I handle these mediums and the data collected there from.

    1. Should I categorize all these modes into mediated interviews (like using phone, video or F2F where research is directly in the conversation) and non-mediated interviews (using e-mails, online questionnaire, paper based questionnaire, etc.)? This ways I can analyze two data set separately and see conformance between results from two. 

    2, Or should I combine data from all medium into one and then analyze? Case study methodology support using multiple ways to gather data and then combine. 

    I am need help if any literature exit that support second approach in terms of conducting interviews with different participants via different modes depending upon feasibility and then combining the data.

    Do you know any such studies done this way? Is such an approach is considered robust enough in terms of consistency and validity?

    Anthony Adeloye


    This is very interesting. Please do not complicate matter. I will just combine data from all medium into only one.  Since  your approach is case study you will find that this is a very manageable way of handling your data. Good luck


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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