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    I just came across this set of introductory videos about research methods via Twitter: what do people think of them? Are there other sources like this one?


    Hi Mithu,

    The National Centre for Research Methods in UK has an online video archive that contains (or has links to) filmed presentations on various different social science research methods, including introductory level presentations. Take a look in and especially the presentations from the Research Methods Festival 2008 “What Is?” sessions.

    Regards, Kaisa


    Kaisa and Mithu,
    you might also be interested in the videos we are producing as part of the REQUALLO project. Amongst other materials we hope to have further videos with key qualitative analysts. There is one at the moment. See

    I have looked on YouTube for good materials on qualitative approaches but didn’t find anything outstanding. Has anyone else found anything to recommend?

    Graham Gibbs

    David Levy

    Thanks for the links Mithu – very useful.
    Also great to know you are one of the faces behind Sage (how could we live without Sage?)
    I am new to MethodSpace but am immediately imporessed by the ease of access to worthwhile content and options for chatspace.
    David (Sydney Aust.)


    Interesting and simplified videos, but just introductory presentations. Very useful for undergraduate level, but not for advanced coourses (well, maybe for remebering or explain themes unknown for the posgraduate)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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