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    Hi fellow Methodspacers,

    My colleagues and I are currently studying how researchers use statistics. We have a short (about 15 minutes) survey and we’re looking for users of statistics of all stripes to participate. Below is the official announcement; we’d be grateful if you have a bit of spare time time for it.


    Empirical science is grounded on the belief that data can be used as evidence. The convincingness of data — the “weight” of the evidence they provide — is crucial to deciding between rival scientific positions. In situations with no uncertainty, reasoning about evidence is often straightforward; in practice, however, most conclusions from data involve uncertainty. In these situations, we obviously prefer strong evidence to weak evidence, but beyond this, strikingly little is known about how scientists actually evaluate the strength of evidence and to what extent scientists differ in their evaluations.

    We are looking for researchers with experience using statistics to complete a short survey about the weight of evidence provided by statistics. Participants are asked to assess the weight of evidence in several research scenarios. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete; if you would like to participant click or copy/paste the link below:


    We would greatly appreciate your participation.

    Richard D. Morey (r.d.morey@rug.nl)
    Rink Hoekstra (r.hoekstra@rug.nl)
    Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen

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