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    Let me introduce myself briefly, I am a researcher, MS/MPhil scholar at International Islamic University, Islamabad-Pakistan and affiliated with Infochange- Research, Communications and Media organization as Research Fellow.


    Currently, I am undertaking a research study on “Western Media and Growing Extremism in Pakistan: Analyzing the Media Constructed Perceptions towards Islam / Muslims in the West”.


    This research will collect detailed quantitative data on the attitudes of Non Muslims towards Islam and Muslims and then will be analyzed on the present trend of growing extremism.


    I would welcome responses of common people living in USA, UK, Germany and Australia on a set of questions designed in a formatted online questionnaire. These responses and opinions would help me collect data and come up with a research document based on the opinions expressed.


    The online questionnaire is available in my blog regarding my research work on: http:// http://www.infochangepakistan.com/Survey/survey.html


    I know you might be busy now a days, but I would humbly request you to please fill in the form and submit it online as your first availability of time. Would you please give me one more favor to circulate this questionnaire to your other colleagues so that I can complete my research work timely and efficiently? This will be a great contribution from a responsible citizen of global society in general and western society in particular.



    I notice that you are from a commercial agency. Is this for an MPhil or a commercial survey?

    Also looking at the questionnaire it appears to assume that anyone completing it will have religious faith. Some of the questions are therefore difficult to answer. You, as a researcher, will not know why someone might object to an Islamic custom for example – it may be because they have a different faith or that they are fundamentally opposed to any religious practices and not necessarily against Islam in particular. I found the survey too ambiguous to complete.



    Hi Shaista,

    May I know what kind of software you used for putting the survey online in your blog? Any information regarding the service you used to embed this survey on your blog would be very much appreciated. I am trying to do the same for my PhD research. 

    Thanks and rtegards,






    Dear Malik,


    I have just looked at your questionnaire and would like to suggest that you modify it. For example, you might want to know about the type and degree of interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is also likely that race/ethnicity, country  of origin etc. will make a great difference in people’s perception. Anyhow, I am tempted to think that a study like this calls for multi-sectorial and multi-national data collection strategy (-ies). Why not collobarate with researchers in different countries?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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